Saturday, April 23, 2011

Linky Party: Mama Mia style!

  It is getting to be about that time ya'll! Mother's Day that is :) I know that each year I scourer the internet to find another super cute and creative gift idea for my munchkins to make. As I started up my search this year I said to myself... hold on there missy! There are SO many wonderful bloggers out there who come up with capital A-mazing stuff that doesn't pop up in search engines. Start a linky party instead! Sooooo here we are :)
  Write a blog entry about any gift ideas you have made or are going to make and then link up! My back up idea is to send home the plants we have grown... so far only 6 seem to be going well.... sooo you can see I (slash 18 mother's) need your help!!!


amaliskas1234 said...

The kindergarten teams at my school bought wood frames at the dollar store - they actually donated some to us.. The kids are going to paint them white and then we are using their fingerprints to make bugs around the frame :)
We are having the parents send in a picture of them their and child to put in the frame. :)

Shannon said...

Amaliskas what a nice idea :) I have done tons of handprint things all year so I like the added twist to the fingerprints. Thanks!

~*~Ash~*~ said...

You need to get Google Reader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Type in "Google Reader" in a search engine, and then just sign in because google is already associated with blogger, so all of the blogs you are subscribed to will automatically show up in your news feed. The BEST part is that it is searchable!!!!! As in, you can search "Mother's Day" and it will look through all the archived blog posts of everyone you are following and find pages of great results! I usually search for people and invite them to linky parties to spread the word faster.

Teaching Happily Ever After

Shannon said...

haha Ash you love you some Google Reader :) I will say I know several readers have had problems with Scribd, but I am just so hesitant to switch because Scribd gives me an AWESOME breakdown on my stats. I can tell which are read the most, how often, how long people read them, which ones resources are not so popular to share, how many reads per day, and all that jazz! Do you know if Google Reader does all that too, cause then I will jump on over there asap :) That is pretttyyyyy awesome that you can search on it!

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