Wednesday, June 15, 2011

... and a shocking twist....

Sorry forgive me.. I just spent the last hour watching some trashy reality TV. You know how they are- always the drama and the cliff hangers before commercial breaks. But I do have news ya'll!

  Starting a few months back my principal asked me to sit in on some meetings to help plan and design a renovation project for our library. The challenge - to update the space to be a 21st century media center! WOooooOOoo! If you know me then you know this task combined almost all things dear to me: designing, organizing, technology, and children! Throw in some family, a fiance, friends, and maybe a little Chipotle and I'd be in Heaven!

  Okay... I digress! From those meetings sprang an interview... then a second interview... oh did I mention our fantastic Media Specialist was retiring? Well starting in the fall I am now the official new Media Specialist for my elementary school :)

  Let's review my craziness...

 1) Getting married this summer
 2) Enrolling in grad school since I do not have an endorsement in library sciences
 3) Starting a new job in the fall
 4) Being involved in a large renovation job that leaves many timelines up in the air

    So in short... I'll be taking a break from blogging until I can figure out what I have to bring to the table.. or maybeeee more of like what I'll be begging ya'll for help with :) Obviously I'll be changing the blogspot title and address, but I promise to update you when I do. Thanks for all the kind words you have left, inspiring ideas, and the motivation to share what I have.

 Happy Summer Bloggy-blog-blog-blog friends!

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