Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Packet part 5

 Little by little I am getting my summer packet together! Today's entry is giving my little darling some extra practice on coin recognition and skip counting. Even though we drill and practice and play with coins, it is one of those skills that during the summer they seem to forget about. Each page is pretty self explanatory with coloring only one coin and skip counting it at the bottom, and then a page where they color all the coins according to their value.

   I hope this is helpful for anyone else besides me!

Coin Coloring Pages

Long Vowel Flippers

 Yes, taking a quick break from my summer packet sharing to bring you another Dakota request (have I mentioned I love requests... seriously)! Okay so the resource I am sharing below is nothing crazy new or super creative, but it will be handy not having to pay $$ to buy them! They are long vowel (and a Y) flip cards. You know how you show your little sweethearts how to change man into mane, or pan into pane, well if constructed right, that is what these little flip cards do:

Long Vowel and Y Flip Cards

The first page is good to go, but the second page needs to be glued to the first, then laminated together (same for the 3rd and 4th). Then go ahead and perforate a fold so that the e (or y) can easily flip back and forth. Here is the word list:

 cap - cape
spin - spin
not - note
cut - cute
arm - army

 The longest part about making these was finding compatible words, so if you want more I can make many... just provide the words. The words have to be a word before the silent e, be easy to come up with a picture for it (aka "fine" not easy to do a picture kinds will understand), and that the word before and after the silent e are distinctly different not like bit and bite.

Hope you enjoy (and yes I am aware that most people will not use this until next year now haha)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Packet part 4

Writing Prompts!!! Have to find a way to keep those kids writing over the summer so I made a couple writing prompts.

1) Make a list of things they want to do over the summer
2) What they think they will do in first grade (you could do this now as the year is wrapping up)
3) Writing about their favorite food (also reviews 5 senses... well 4 of them at least haha)
4) Writing about their home
5) Play date- where they write about a day they played with a friend

I also made a personalized one just for my class and you could do the same.... all year I have shared stories about my horrible terrible cat named Creature, so the personal prompt I made for them asks them "What do you think Creature is doing this summer?".... I hope some of them come back and share this piece with me next year!

Writing Prompts

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Packet part 3

Here are the last of the 100's board puzzles! Enjoy :)


Question Mark

Make a Sailboat

Make a cone

Summer Post part 2

  Today I found myself surfing the web for other ideas of what to include in my summer work packet and of courseeeee I landed on Jessica Meacham's website! She went through and made fun designs on 100's boards for children to practice number recognition. So I borrowed her number sequences and put them on a page with a hundreds board instead of separate... and viola... some fun math practice for the summer!

Here is a smile face one:

Make a Smile Face

And a cat

make a cat

  She has many more and I plan to convert them over to this format in the next day or so... they'll be on Scribd so check them out!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Packet

 Hi all! This week I will be uploading different parts of my summer packet. Today is just one page that encourages children to keep reading and I called it "Read and Color". Essentially for every 20 minutes they read they color a book on this page... for your older kiddos you could even challenge them to add up all the minutes together and convert into hours. Enjoy.... I promise the other pages are more exciting... starting small here!

Read and Color

Monday, May 16, 2011


 This week we have a field trip to our local bowling alley for extra practice with subtraction. I don't know about the kiddos but I am pretttttyyy excited for those gutter-blockers! Leading up to our trip we will be practicing skills in the classroom and so the following sheet was made. The third page is filled with spinners that you use a pencil and paperclip with, and the first two pages are to be copied front to back double sided. The second day we do this activity we will use one of those plastic bowling pin sets to figure out our subtraction sentence instead of the spinner. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback and kind words you share with me... and of course the biggest compliment of all, you guys using these resources with your classes :)

Bowling Subtraction

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ms. Dakota part 2

  Between getting feedback from one of our wonderful resource staff members and from a first grade teacher at my school, I thought a blend activity would be great to upload today. Ms.Dakota is all the time running around the school to pick up individual sweet-n-low students from various classes... all that time in the hallway could be lost instructional time... but not with Ms. Dakota! She flashes some vowel pattern cards such as "ee" "oo" etc. She requested that I make a new set of cards to work on beginning blends, so here we are!

Each page has 4 sets that have the blend on one side and a graphic and word on the other. The way I envision prepping this is to laminate the entire page, then cut the horizontal strips, fold, and then glue so that Fl is on one side and Flag is on the other. You could just keep these on cards or punch a hole in them all and create a flip ring. Enjoy! Let me know if there are other ideas out there that you'd like made into these kind of flip cards.

Beginning Blend Cards

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ms. Dakota

  Ignoring the fact that I have been ignoring my blog, a Fantabulous-amazing-spectacular-any-other-adjective-that-describes-an-inspiring-teacher coworker of mine asked me to make this resource for her. Ms. Dakota is a resource and intervention teacher at my school who is always looking to go above and beyond for our kids so the second she asks for my input or help on anything I try my hardest to be there to give back. Currently one of her groups still doesn't quite have rhyming down even though the year is rounding out, and bless Ms. Dakota's heart, she is trying her hardest to drill this skill before spring PALS assessments. So here is one worksheet that address rhyming and it is set up just like the PALS assessment. If anyone would like more PLEASE feel free to leave a list of rhyming words along with 3 others that do not rhyme and I'll do the rest :) (you wouldn't believe how difficult it was for me to think of non rhyming words that are easy to find a GOOD picture for).



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