Monday, May 16, 2011


 This week we have a field trip to our local bowling alley for extra practice with subtraction. I don't know about the kiddos but I am pretttttyyy excited for those gutter-blockers! Leading up to our trip we will be practicing skills in the classroom and so the following sheet was made. The third page is filled with spinners that you use a pencil and paperclip with, and the first two pages are to be copied front to back double sided. The second day we do this activity we will use one of those plastic bowling pin sets to figure out our subtraction sentence instead of the spinner. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback and kind words you share with me... and of course the biggest compliment of all, you guys using these resources with your classes :)

Bowling Subtraction


billi said...

I got a finger bowling set at the dollar store last year and this will go GREAT with it!! THANX

Hadar said...

I LOVE THIS!!! What a great, real-life way to teach subtraction! I can not wait to print this and share it with my class!!! And I too have a dollar store bowling set! perfect :)

Miss Kindergarten

Ms. Helms said...
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Ms. Helms said...

I saw this and picked up a plastic bowling set for kids for $5 at Walmart. I have seen the little sets at Dollar Tree but I was afraid my little friends would loose the pieces too easily.
Thanks for the wonderful activity!


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