Friday, April 1, 2011


 Sorry ya'll... I know I said that I would be done with sight words for awhile... I might have an addiction! In actuality, my awesome Kindergarten team and I have decided to change up our Daily 5. Instead of teaching the last daily (Read to Someone) we have decided to change it to Sight Words. We plan on having lots of different sight word games for this independent choice, and keep them separate from our Word Work choice.

  This game involves students picking cookies with sight words to put on a baking sheet and then recording. You could use a real cookie sheet (thank you Dollar Tree!) and magnetize the cookies, or you could print and laminate the picture one.



meadowt said...

Hi, I can't seem to get Scrib to download for me. Can you please send this to my email address. My kids are going to love this. Thanks, Barbara

Shannon said...

Sent! Anyone else having trouble let me know.. I'll see if I can't figure it out.

Dana Baker said...

I was able to download the recording sheet but not the cookies.


Martha said...

Shannon, I'm having trouble downloading the recording sheet and the cookies. Would love a copy! Thanks for all you do.


jlbteach6 said...

I was able to download the recording sheet, but not the cookies. Can you please email me a copy? Thank you!!!

Katie said...

My kids love this! I do the Daily 5 so this was perfect to add to one of my word work drawers.

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