Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Tips!

 Let's shake things up shall we? I think every Tuesday I'd like to give a classroom decor tip! At one point I contacted TLC to see if they were interested in doing a design show that goes into classrooms that want help reorganizing, decorating, or managing.... I never heard back... I suppose that wouldn't interest the general public. Hmmm according to the US Census though (2000) there are 6.2 million teachers... oh well!

  Well I'll just use my blog to live out my dream!

1st Tuesday Tip:

Problem: My classroom is so old and outdated, help!!!

Solution: Earlier this year I found myself glaring down my old built-in cabinetry
and yes although I tried sprucing up the area with curtain, it still was just not cutting it. In September we had a day where volunteers came into our school to do any work we wanted / needed.... so I had our awesome PTO purchase some primer and paint, and had our awesome volunteers go to town on our cabinetry!

  I'm wishing that I had the after picture here at home with me to show how big of a change it is! A little bit of paint can go a LONG WAY!!! Painting old cabinetry too much for you? Try a book shelf, old file cabinet, or possibly your desk. DISCLAIMER: ask permission before painting anything that isn't actually yours! I work in a great county where getting permission is fairly easy, but I hear this is not always the case.

  If you are able to due to funds, volunteers, or protocol in your county, try having your classroom painted over the summer! A calm color can make a HUGE different to the aesthetics, but also according to research, children's behavior as well!!!! Check these articles out:

How does color affect our thinking and feeling?

Time Magazine: Color in the classroom

The Best Paint Color for Classroom Walls

Where would you rather be:


Feel free to leave links to pictures of your classrooms, leave your own tips, or just some general feedback :)


Mrs. Pearce said...

Hi Shannon! Thanks for checking in on my blog and posting, too. I love your idea of Tuesday Teacher Tips. BTW.....I would LOVE to be a kid in your classroom. It's colorful, organized, stimulating, inviting!

We are not able to touch our walls or cabinets with paint. We must use only 3m products to hang things on walls and can't go over 20% coverage of wall space in the room. I try to make the best of it though. At any time I think I have about 19.8% of the walls covered :-))

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