Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yes you have at least 23 different types of Bingo Boards, but we teachers tend to be hoarders, so here's another! I used my county's word list (PAWS) to create 4 different boards yet here are some important things to note before downloading:

1) I made this with the intention my kiddos would be playing independently and not against other players, so this means there is only the one board and would be kind of silly to have a group of students playing it all together.

2) The portion where it says "place cards here", I intend to staple a rectangle there with an opening along the top side. Then I will laminate the board, and using an exacto knife I will reopen that top slit. Viola... cards slide in.

3) Along the top of each board I added which lists are on the board so you can easily differentiate your independent stations. Also I put what color card stock to photocopy these boards on... obviously these are suggestions and you could ignore it. Mainly it is for me to stay organized!

4) Included on the cards page are an extra 4 empty cards incase we loose any



Busy Bee said...

I don't see a link to this. LOVE YOUR STUFF! Thanks so much for sharing. Would love to have this bingo for beginning of the year.


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