Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Plant writing...

 Thanks for the kind words and happy wishes about my trip. I had a wonderful time with some of my lovely girlfriends... they did an awesome job planning!

  Back to work though, and finally back to blogging! I wish I had time to finish some neat games I have started, yet I find myself writing report card comments, setting up conferences, packing my room (yes don't even get me started on my anal retentive ways... we are having our rooms tiled and painted), and possibly thinking about some changes for next year! So where does all this leave me today for posting a blog entry? Just putting up an easy writing paper for plants.

  Tomorrow we plant our seeds, so today the munchkins had to predict how they would do that in the classroom and then illustrate it. VERY interested and enlightening to hear what they thought... prime examples:

1) put the seeds in the sink to water them and lots of love

2) put the seeds in cup, add water, and stir

3) [my personal favorite] I need a cup, I need a roots, I need a leaf, I need a stem, I need a flower. Then I have my plant.

Enjoy... wish me luck... I literally kill 75% of plants I touch each year!


Download Seed Writing


Ms. Jenna Forbrook said...

I am so glad you're back! Hope you had fun on your bachelorette party! I just love your blog. I am a first year teacher, and you are seriously a lifesaver! Thank you for everything :)

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