Sunday, April 17, 2011

Word Burgers!

 So I was looking at my Scribd account and found that the most read/downloaded item was the Sight Word Sundae's. Of course I would think of dessert first, but here is the same game just with building a burger! Enjoy!!

Recording Page:

Building Page:

Sight Word Pieces:




Mrs. D said...

This is such a fun activity! Thanks for sharing!

D-Kinder-Teacher said...

Wow such a neat idea! Thanks

Busy Bee said...

Just found your blog. Very cute! Are there specific directions for this or do they just use one of each piece, read the words and record? Thanks for sharing!!

Angela said...

Shannon...I just had to tell you that I used the Word Burgers with my class this week and they LOVED IT! Thank you for sharing such a fun and well-put-together activity. It's wonderful!

Shauna said...

I am in love with this activity. Too cute, thanks for sharing.

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