Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sight Word Clouds

Yes... I know! I have a problem with sight word games. Oh well! The more the merrier I hope. This game is for my Daily 5 Sight Word game area and it asks children to trace over words with certain colors. When you download the attachment it has the words already in different colors, but I plan on printing them in black and white so they can use their crayons to go over with the correct color. I have only made two so far but if you are interested I can do more :) just let me know!

Sight Word Clouds


Katie Mense said...

Super cute!! Thanks for sharing!
Little Warriors

Mrs. I said...

I love the idea. I wonder if the font could be changed to have a more Kinder friendly "a" since they will be writing it...hmmm, just a thought.

Cathy I.

Shannon said...

Hey Mrs. I

Yup the next one I make I can look through the fonts on the website I used to see if there is a better a. To be honest I didn't even look at it since I was multitasking during a meeting (ekkkkk)

billi said...

This is GREAT!!! I just wish I could come up with such creative ideas on my own. I'm going to try it this week if I can print it light enough. THANX!!

Ms. Jenna Forbrook said...

What website did you use for this? I love it!

Jeremy & Stephanie said...

Do you use a particular program or website to make your sight word clouds? I've done something similar using wordle but it only recognizes names or cvc words, it wouldn't work for sight words. Thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

The website I used is:

It is really awesome since you can do ALLLLL sorts of shapes like flowers, apples, Abraham Lincoln... no joke! I hope you enjoy!

Kristin Young said...

Seriously...I am OBSESSED with sight word activities. It is totally my soapbox when parents ask me how to help their children!! :) I've used word clouds before but never for a lesson! You're a genius. Thanks for sharing!! :)

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

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