Friday, April 1, 2011

You Know You Teach Kindergarten When...

  Babbling Abby over at the Inspired Apple is hosting a really fun linky party that I just couldn't turn down!  I refrained from checking out the long list of other bloggers on this linky party out of fear of having all my ideas used up.... so here are some classics that I am sure lots of you can relate to!

You Know You Teach Kindergarten When...

1. You go to do laundry and as you empty your pockets you find 3 erasers, 1 plastic dinosaur, and 5 plastic coins from a math lesson.

2. You find yourself saying "use your words" with grown adults around you.. tends not to go so well during an argument with your fiance.

3. GoodWill, Dollar Tree, and Staples are wonderous, miraculous, and addicting places to you now.... what ever happened to Macy's, DSW, and online shopping??

4. You develop an unhealthy addiction to books... by unhealthy I mean you'd rather buy more kid's books than pay your full credit card balance.

5. Your handwriting drastically changes after 2:30pm

6. You couldn't imagine a day without tissues, sanitizer, and clorox wipes

7. Some days you drive home with out the radio on and when you arrive you request absolute silence for another 30 minutes.

8. August rolls around and you start hounding the school for your class list so you can label 3,780 things

9. You are jealous of any grade level that can do assessments whole class or at least small group.

10. You are thankful that you do not need to Google any information regarding your SOLS (ex: colors, parts of a plant, life cycle of a butterfly, shapes, etc.)

I <3 Kindergarten!

  Head on over to Inspired Apple to link up... these lists are providing me with some hilarious entertainment!


CATHY said...

after Kdg for 16 yrs, (graduated to first this yr) I totally heart your list and your blog!!

Abby said...

I love to label, too!!! And, is it bad that I'm already dreaming of next year?! I'm ready...after a long and much needed summer break of course :)

Shannon said...

Abby: the gift I was most excited about this past Christmas? My new label maker! haha I'm always curious how others label their room? I use a program called Comic Life for the most part... how about yourself? If you can't tell, I am obviously dreaming about next years labeling as well :)

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