Monday, April 4, 2011

Butterfly Numbers

 Wow! It's been a little while since I have done a math game. Although it is by far my favorite subject to teach, I am none too thrilled with the remaining math units I have left to teach. Countries, such as China, who stay focused on teaching a major math theme all year might be on to something. For example, in first grade the students would ONLY work on addition and/or subtraction.... for the entire year! I know what you are thinking... uhh I don't think I have THAT much to teach for addition in first grade! Here's the thing... children achieve full mastery on the subject (i.e. counting objects, counting from 1, counting on, non counting strategies, doubles plus one, forming groups of 10, carrying over, etc etc etc).
  Why am I brining this up you may ask? Oh because I would LOVE to focus on NOTHING but pure numeracy in Kindergarten! Numbers, counting strategies, seeing numbers multiple ways, skip counting, breaking a number apart and putting it back together, dot patterns, ten frames, you name it! So I made this butterfly game with that inspiration in mind. Yes I will be teaching subtraction, time, fractions (seriously??) but throwing in numeracy games here and there.

  This game involves students finding the missing pieces to their butterfly. Yes the numbers may be small, but they have to know the word, the tally marks, finger pattern, and dot pattern for each of these lower numbers. For you First-ies out there you could easily make this an addition/subtraction game where the pieces add up/subtract down to the middle number. ENJOY!



Brookie Monster said...

Thank you! This is great!

Love, Polka Dot said...

I cant wait to use this! Thank you so much for sharing :)

melissa said...

Shannon, would it be possible to get printable of the awesome multiple interpretations number chart that you have here?

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