Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cup Stacker

 I saw this really neat... yes I said neat... idea from Mr. Smith is a pretty quirky teacher so wheaher his antics amuse your or annoy you, he does have some creative ideas. On this link he shows you a knew way to use mini dixie cups to practice sight words.

1) Buy a bunch of bathroom cups

2) Cover a pringles can for storing this game in

3) Write words on the bottom of each cup

4) Then kids have to read each sight words before they can add them to their stack

Viola! Still head over to the video because you might find some other cool ideas on his side bar!


1st Grade Learning Stars said...

I got a bunch of the cups you use at Wendy's to put ketchup in and did this. I use them with my kids when I tutor in the afternoon. It's their reward because they love to do this. I spread them all around and then say go and they have to say the word before the are allowed to stack them. I time it and they go bonkers for it. If the pile is too spread out I don't stop the timer and when they move a word to make the pyramid shape, they have to say it. Fun times!

Shannon said...

ahhh a very thrifty spin on the game! Thanks for the idea... spicy chicken nuggets are now calling my name.

Kristin Young said...

Shannon, this is a great idea...and thanks for adding me to your blog roll! I feel honored, cheesy as that may sound. :) I look forward to networking back and forth with you to get some new ideas!

Shannon said...

Kristin- I know exactly what you mean :) I saw my name on a blog list compiled by Maderia City Schools and was like "WOW, they liked my blog" ... you're on it, too FYI:

After my Spring Break I'll think of some ideas to throw your way :)

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