Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily 5: Work on Writing

 Hi All! Yes I have had a spare minute or two to breathe.... and even a few minutes to create some new things! So if any of you do Daily 5 (if you don't get the book, seriously) you know how wonderful it is that you don't have to prepare new literacy stations each week. But I will say every several weeks I like to rotate things out and put in new things and that includes the word on writing area. So far my kiddos have worked on handwriting books, magna doodles, whiteboards, writing lists, copying word walls, and labeling coloring pages. Where to go next? Oh yeah... writing! At this point in the year they are finally ready to create their own sentences, sound them out, apply spacing, and even some punctuation! Now for the writing paper....

  I made some pretty standard writing papers but I applied fun pictures that would get their creative juices flowing. I thought about the things that seem popular this year in my class and put those things in the picture area of the writing paper and they can write non fiction or fiction along with it. The pictures include:

- My Little Ponies             - Dinosaurs                   - Leprechaun
- Frogs                              - Birthday cake             - Beach
- Toy Story                       - Batman                       - Easter bunny
- Mickey Mouse               - Soccer

  Let me know about if there are any pictures you'd like substituted in! Thanks for the feedback ya'll it's helps me to know that others enjoy all these resources!



Cindy said...

These are great! Could you possibly put a penguin on one?? :o) Thank you for all your GREAT shares on your blog! Love 'em!! Thanks again ~

Shannon said...

I sure can! i'll email it to you later this evening!

Cassie said...


I just found your blog tonight. I'm excited to read that you do Daily 5 in your classroom. I would love to read a blog about how you make it work in kindergarten. I'm the only teacher at my school who is using Daily 5 this year so I don't have team mates to talk with. I read that you switch things in and out for word work. This year I did it pretty much how the book says (same materials all year, words change) but I'm interested in something different for next year (especially at the beginning of next year, since we don't have sight words yet)


Shannon said...

Hey Cassie,

Trying it alone isn't ideal but obviously you're making it work. I am lucky enough to have my whole team doing it together (5 other teachers). It would be very easy for me to add elements of daily 5 into my posts, so thanks for the feedback. Also don't hesitate to email me. Have you tried reading ProTeacher? It's a website with message boards and the Peony Room (daily 5 board) has gave us TONS of advice and resources.


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