Friday, March 25, 2011

First Linky Party!

Rowdy in first grade caught my attention this morning... not only because my students have been rowdy in anticipation for spring break, but also because the title of her linky party:

 Ten Things I've Learned From Teaching   so here goes!

1. Daily 5 is capital A - mazing! It allows me to reallyyyy know my students holistically in their language arts. If you haven't read up on this... do it... asap... seriously...

2. I don't have to teach for 10 years to be considered a great teacher.

3. Students will tell you things that break your heart and for the most part you can only do so much :(

4. Parents: your kids are going to tell us those embarrassing things that you told them not to tell us... oh yeah and they'll tell us you said not to tell us hahahaha

5. It is possible to teach kindergarten, get to work at 6:40am every day, and not drink ANY caffeine! I do it everyday ya'll and I sleep like a baby.

6. My math rotation setup is won-der-ful! I see two groups a day of only 4 kids each, my TA sees the other 2 groups on the same day, then the next day we switch groups. When they aren't with us they are in math independent game choices, which is awesome because all those games you created don't just get put away a week later but instead they can stay out for weeks and weeks! LOVE! I have a planning sheet if your interested.

7. If you don't teach/tell/model exactly how you want a 5 year old to do something, they'll invent veryyyyyy creative ways to do it.

8. I don't always have to buy something, I can make it!

9. Blogging resources makes me feel good!

10. GoodWill, Ikea, and Dollar Tree = teacher gold

  Head over to Rowdy in First to Link up ya'll to tell us your teacher top 10!


Kari said...

I would love to see your math rotation planning sheet! I'm curious if you teach half day kindergarten or all day. I currently teach half day and have a hard time finding much time to work with small groups. There is a big possibility I will be teaching all day kindergarten next year, and I'm looking forward to having more time to meet with students. Thanks!!

Mandy's Memories said...

I love Goodwill and Dollar tree. I can find the best things for my centers or stations there. I just found your blog today! Cute

Shannon said...

Thanks Mandy for the compliment :)

Kari I'll post it on here later tonight! I hope you end up with full day because you can get SO MUCH more done... and even then there are some things I run out of time for!

Pam said...
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Pam said...

Thank you for all your fabulous ideas that you post. I love your 10 things list. I have taught 35+ years and love it more today than ever!!!!

Shannon said...

Pam that is very inspiring to hear and thank YOU for the encouragement to keep blogging :) Let me know if there is anything you are wishing you had, and we'll see if I can make it!

Mrs.Thompson said...

#7- totally true for 6 year olds too! I love your list! :)
I do it without caffeine too!

Mrs. Thompson
Adventures in Teaching

Mrs. Berg said...

I am jealous of your TA!

Paraprofessionals are some of the hardest working people out there who make a big difference in the classroom. Our PreK class is the only one with a TA and I would love to see them in EVERY grade.

Shannon said...

Mrs. Berg-

I will pass on your comment to my TA... I know she'll appreciate it :) We are spoiled rotten at our school with TA's compared to other school districts. I have her from 10 - 2 every day and I am able to do TONS of small group work because of her. She works so hard!

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