Saturday, March 26, 2011

hmm a tad bit girlie...

I bought some clipart from Just So Scrappy Too and I can't seem to stop myself from making things!!! Actually this works out well for me because I wanted to do absolutely NOTHING this weekend but sit around and relax... yes making things for school is relaxing for me. Anyways... this one just popped into my head, we'll see how it works once I test it out on the kiddos!

   Okay so how I envision this is printing a couple pages of the necklace ribbon, laminating, and cutting it out... including the white space in the middle of the necklace. Probably taping it down to a couple Dollar Tree cookie sheets (see I told you DT was teacher gold). Then laminating, cutting, and magnetizing all the jewels. The munchkins will then have to use the jewels to create a necklace sentence and record it on the sheet. If I know my students I am sure they will have some great sentences but also some completely mixed up silly ones. The way I look at it is, if they can read it, they are practicing their sight words and reading, and they are having fun... then I have no problem with this sentence: "the my is look cat". Hahaha



Mrs. Lochridge said...

You are so crafty!! I like how you create activities where children can show their own personality. I love playing with clipart, too! It's surprisingly relaxing. I just pumped out a 9-page jellybean math activity.'s time for laundry. :(

First Grade Factory

Shannon said...

Mrs. Lochridge- thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately my laundry has fallen by the wayside so you are much better at balancing things ;)

P.S. Jellybean math, sounds delish I'm heading over to your blog asap!

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