Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'll Huff.. and I'll Puff... and I'll SPELL!!!

This time of the year is so exciting in Kindergarten... I actually ENJOY assessing them! Lately my class has really been stellar at spelling and hearing medial vowels, so I figured the would enjoy this independent activity for Daily 5 Word Work. Okay so the low down:

1) Child picks a straw pig, stick pig, and brick pig
2) Places them on their house mat and tries to read the word
3) If it is a real word they record it on the recording paper
4) Continue to play until you have filled in the recording sheet

   Word of caution, there are some digraphs and affricate sounds on some of the straw pigs, but all the stick pigs are short vowels! Hope your kiddos enjoy this as much as I suspect my munchkins will!


Martha said...

Shannon, I have just discovered you blog and wow...great job!I am now a follower. I just downloaded the pigs for making words but the mats did not have download option. Can you help? Thanks again.

Martha said...

When I opened the pigs download, the pigs were there but the letters weren't. Am I doing something wrong? I can certainly write the sounds on each pig but was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. Thanks!

Shannon said...

Hmmm... I know that others on random occasion have had trouble opening certain documents! I can email you the PDF if you'd like?

Mrs.Burns' Kindergarten said...

Love these! I am planning on doing this story next week and this will be perfect. I found when I downloaded these, it did look like the letters were gone. But once they printed, the letters did print. Thanks so much!

Shannon said...

That's good to know Mrs. Burns! Thanks! Martha do you want to try that and if they don't work then I'll send pdf's your way?

Dana Baker said...

I can't download the house mat either - would you mind emailing it to me?
Thank you so much for sharing!


Martha said...

I will try and print the piggies today, but would love you to send me the mats that go along with them. Have downloaded several other items with scribed and had no problem. Thanks so much for the extra effort!

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