Sunday, March 20, 2011

Donors Choose

  Oh good you've heard about it.... and wait.... a couple of you haven't?!? Oh gosh! Welcome to the world of extremely kind strangers and companies who care! Essentially here is the jist:

1) Teacher wants something
2) Teacher writes up short project on in their simple to use format
3) Teacher posts the project and waits up to 4 months for the money to start rolling in
4) Donors (can be individual or companies) go on and either donate money to a randomly selected project or they read through them to find one that hits home for them
5) When the right amount of money is donated, the items are shipped to your classroom and you write a thank you package

  This cycle has been completed for me now 4 times! I have a document camera, a rug, and the latest project that got funded for me is a Califone Card Reader! I love technology and although some pieces are old and outdated, I feel that this one is still relevant and usable. With the card reader I also will receive a couple hundred blank cards so I can record sight words for my kids to practice at Daily 5 (language arts), but I could also order pre-recorded cards with pictures and words for students to learn as well. Think cards with time, money, science, etc. ANDDDDD get this... the kids can record on the card as well without recording over the teacher or automated voice! Ah so neat! I can't wait for it to arrive.

 Check out the video if you are curious about this


 Click here to get started on donors choose so the envy can stop :)


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