Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Magnified Sight Words

 I have seen quite a few blog postings out there that have their buckaroos using magnifying glasses to find sight words. I thought to myself hmmm.... perhaps this is too advanced for Kindergarten since they are suppose to have large clear print. Well I went against my gut and... wow... was I glad I did! THEY LOVEDDDDD doing this before their reading groups!!! For those of you who haven't seen this activity before, you give each student a magnifying glass, a list of words that are TEENNYYY TINNNYYYY and have them search for sight words they can read, then they record them, and then read down the list of words they wrote. Don't forget the last part because students can copy words just fine, it's the reading where they get the practice.

  I made my using PAWS lists 1 - 10 if any of you use these, if not, any sight word practice is good practice regardless of which list you prefer. Then I will laminate them and have students use vis-a-vis to record them. Obviously you could print these black and white on paper and students could take them home, but I am thinking about putting these in my word work or work on writing bins for Daily 5.

 Disclaimer: I haven't tried printing these yet so I do not know if they are too small yet, I'll let you know tomorrow if they are okay or not!

Download PAWS Sight Word Magnifying Glass


Stephanie May said...

Love this idea! I am doin' it. . .thanks for sharing!

Desiree said...

I was finally able to find magnifying glasses at the Target dollar spot. And I kept searching for my files for my tiny sight word hunt... and I stumbled upon this one. My students will be using your lists this week. Thanks!:)

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Wendy McElhinny said...

This is wonderful! I have third graders who are on IEPs that need sight word practice and they will love this! I already have the magnifying glasses in another center.

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