Thursday, March 24, 2011

Plants, Plants, Plants!

1) Download Types of Plants

     This writing is for my plant unit after we sort different pictures of plants ( thank goodness lots of teachers in my school have a green thumb and save their planting magazines... I have what you might call a black and dried up thumb ). Then they go and write down food plants, flower plants, and other (i.e. clovers, grass, trees, etc)

       After learning and discussing how seeds travel and are spread, the children can write their own silly or serious story about if they were a seed. One side is for pictures and the other side is for writing. Although it seems like pure common sense now, a colleague of mine recommended to me to split my class during writing time. I have 14 of them work on their pictures for the first 10 minutes while I am working with 4 of my extremely dependent children on the writing part. Then after the 10 minutes we switch and the rest of the class can write while I circulate to help them. WOW seems so obvious now that I am doing it, and I'm sure LOTS of you are reading this going, duhhh, but hey, writing isn't my strong suit :) .

        We are fortunate at my school to have a wonderful nature trail behind our school that we can utilize. So tomorrow my students will make predictions about which signs of spring they think they will see while we go on our walk. Then like true 6 year old scientists we'll take our clipboards, writing, and pencils outside to check our predictions. Kids LOVE going out into nature and it's fun to hear them use words like buds, blossoms, insects, deciduous trees, etc.


Mrs. Lochridge said...

How creative!! I like the "If I Were a Seed" prompt!! On your spring walk, you can have students collect seeds at the same time. Have their parents send in a pair of old, adult size socks. Students slip these socks over their shoes and go on a walk. Once the walk is over, have students take off the socks to see the number of variety of seeds they have collected. I don't know what they enjoy more...wearing socks outside their shoes or comparing who collected more seeds. I also have some fun plant experiments on my blog. Thanks for sharing!!

First Grade Factory

Shannon said...

What an awesome idea!!!! We already finished our Spring Walk though, and it was actually pretty muddy... but I will try this on the day we discuss seeds if it is drier... they are calling for snow this weekend though... hmmm.... Thanks Mrs. Lochridge for the awesome idea!

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