Friday, March 25, 2011

Math Planning

  A lovely follower asked to see my math planning sheet, so here goes! First off I want to add a disclaimer, I found this outline of a planning page on a teacher message board and adapted it and changed it to better suit my needs. I tried searching and searching ProTeacher but could not find the original poster, so if you happen to know where the original came from I'd love to give credit where it is due!

1) At the top I label what unit we are one and I write in which students are in which group.

2) Where it says Whole Group Plan, on Mondays I usually do whole group math because that is when we start our units. Then Tuesday - Friday that is my mini lesson for math.

3) Okay follow along, I will try to make this uncomplicated! Each day I see two of the four groups, and my TA sees the other two groups that I don't meet with on any given day. So across where it says "Teacher" I write what activity I am doing with my two groups, hence why a single box is divided into 2 parts. Same goes for the T.A. row. The tiny boxes within each larger is box is where I write which group I am meeting with: LL-low/low   ML - mid/low and so on and so forth. 

4) Whatever games I teach for the week that would make sense to go into the math independent area, I write down at the bottom so I know which games to get prepped and ready. For example, I taught an addition game with number dice and dot dice last week and this week, and for several weeks, that game will go on our math independent game shelf. 

5) Speaking of independent math game choices: whenever a group isn't with me or my TA they are playing math games. Most games are independent, but some require a friend. I rotate the games in and out based on how well they are doing with a given skill, if a game tends to hold their attention, or if it isn't being used I take it out.

     I think this is as much as I can write out, sometimes seeing it is better! Ask around your county to see if anyone you know does groups for math! IT IS WONDERFUL!!!! I can teach completely different math lessons based on what groups I have and NONE of my kids are ever bored during math.... EVER!


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