Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday Graph

I'm not one of those teachers who is down with paying $20 for a cute poster set for my classroom. Why buy stuff if you can make it? So instead of buying those cute little birthday cakes for my classroom and writing children's birthdays on them, I made each child a birthday cupcake and formed a graph out of them on one of my walls.

How to Make:

-Download the file (link below)
-copy the images and place them in Word (if you have ComicLife that is how I made these and it's even easier to adapt)
-Add a text box over top of each cupcake with a child's name and birthdate.
-OR just print them, laminate, and write on them with vis-a-vis.
-the first page of the download shows you want mine looked with with wording, the other two pages are blank for you.


sspeller said...
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sspeller said...

These are precious! Could you send me the file in document form? You can't add text boxes to a pdf. My email address is
Thanks for all the cute stuff you have made!

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