Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh the highs and lows...

 Okay so I think I may be adding mostly things for my higher level thinkers and not enough for the sweet-n-lows, as one of my co-workers refers them :)

   During the measurement unit I am actually focused on numeracy with my low munchkins and practicing skills such as counting, number writing, and number recognition..... rather than lets say the difference between a balance scale and a bench scale.

One Way to Use:
So this download I print, laminate, and attach to foam for thickness. Then have the children practice writing  the numbers 1 to 12 as if it really is a ruler.... then they tend to walk around "measuring" things... I didn't actually make this ruler to be 12"... oh well they'll never know!

Want to be cutesy??
 -any of your measurement games can go in a tool box because these are TOOLS of measurement :)

Download Number Writing Rulers


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