Monday, January 31, 2011

Grab and Count

 A rather boring game if you ask me, but it does give the kids good practice at one to one correspondence as well as numeral writing. I decided to jazz the game up a bit and give it a new mat.

Ways to play:
 -if you use investigations you've had your fair share of this game.... essentially the kids reach into a bucket of manipulatives, grab as many as they can with a good handful (i.e. not spill out of their fist), and then count and write how many they got. It varies each time, with changing manipulatives, and from child to child due to the size of their hand. At the time I was using this game we were learning about evergreen and deciduous trees, so I had them grab red unifix cubes to be the apples on one tree and brown unifix cubes to be pine cones on the other. Since the mats were laminated they just wrote with, you guessed it, whiteboard markers right on the mats.


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