Sunday, January 30, 2011

Peanuts! Get your peanuts!

 A fun way for kids to practice grouping and counting by 10's! You can use real peanuts, packing peanuts, or some other manipulative.

Ways to play:
- Set the stage for you kids that they are going to be working at the circus and their job is to feed the elephants.... BUT they can only use 100 peanuts a day! Model for them how to count out 10 peanuts at a time (going downward under each elephant), and then how to skip count to make sure they didn't go over the 100 peanut limit. Kiddos like to get silly with this and even name each elephant... haha I love when I hear them say "Dumbo.. wait that's a bad word".

Ways to package:
-Either fill an animal cracker box (the kind that looks like a circus car) with peanuts
-Attach all the columns to ONE page going in a line


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