Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who let the letters out??

  As awesome as Dr. Jean's alphabet song, Who Let The Letters Out, is it is also a little toooo long for my kiddos to sit through. Many teachers have thought about putting movements with the song like children pretending to eat an apple on the letter A and making the /a/ sound, but I wanted to also add visuals. Attached is the document that has all the picture cards to go with the song but below are the movement I do, you can change them, to help teach my children the letter sounds. Don't forget they aren't making the sound of the picture but the letter sound (i.e. Mmmmmm when doing monkey moves not oohh ahh ahh.... hahah)

A- apple - pretend to take a big bite out of it
B- ball - bounce a ball with one of your hands
C -cat - form your fingers on one hand into the letter C and claw like a cat
D - dog - use both hands to clap together to be a dog barking
E- elephant - use your arm, place it near your nose and act like it is an elephant trunk
F - frog- jump around like a frog
G - ghost - put your hands out like a ghost and make the /g/ sound in an eerie way
H - hot - fan yourself with one hand as if you are sweating
I - itchy - scratch all over your body
J - jump rope - self explanatory I hope :)
K- kick- pretend to kick a soccer ball
L- loly pop- pretend to hold a loly pop and lick it, which works well to teach children to use their tongue for this sound
M- monkey- alternate a hand on your head and one on your side itchy like a monkey
N- No - shake your pointer finger from side to side
O - octopus - move your arms around quickly to try and make it look like you have 8 tentacles
P - penguin - with arms down by your sides, extend your hands outward from the wrist and waddle
Q - queen - use both hands straight up on top of your head to make a crown
R - run - run in place
S - snake - use your two fingers as if they are  snake tongue and slither your body side to side
T - time - point to your wrist as if you are late on a watch
U - ugly face - fun for kids to do this one as the song is getting long, so they just make crazy faces while making the /u/ sound
V - violin- play an imaginary one
W - washing hands
X - X - make an X across your body
Y - yo yo- place your two fingers in the shape of a V so it makes the letter Y if you include your arm, and drop and up a yo-yo
Z - zipper - pretend to zip up your shirt


Laura Major (Learning Is Child's Play) said...

Hi Shannon!
I just found your fabulous blog via Pinterest!I couldn't find the Storybook Alphabet post that I downloaded from Scribd here on your blog, but I wanted to tell you how awesome they were! I shared the link from Pinterest on my FB fan page and I'd love to link up with you there too, but I didn't see a facebook link!Never the less, I wanted to let you know anyway! :) The fans will LOVE them as well!
Here is my link to the page:
Pop over sometime and say hello! Thanks again for your extra hard work!

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