Sunday, January 30, 2011

Goldfish Color Math

 Yes I realize by now I am addicting to sitting with my laptop glued in front of me, but I can't help it! I'm addicted to sharing now... intervention maybe? Okay so now I am posting an activity I use at the start of the year when we are learning colors and color words. You'll need a bag of those Rainbow Goldfish, these downloads, and some hungry children!

How to Play
-For the first download, I use this with my lower kiddos, we're all teachers here right? I can say lower? If not, scratch that and replace with "children who have not been exposed very much to reading color words".  Before we begin we practice using our color posters in our room to read these words, then I have them color the goldfish at the bottom of the graph to correspond with the word. Then I give them each a handful and the fill in the graph
-For the second download, I use this with children who are more comfortable reading or matching beginning letter sounds to words. Instead of going through and coloring first they are given their handful. They then pick one up and try to find a fish to match it to. At the end they enjoy eating their snack and then coloring the fish.


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