Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coin Collection

Nothing new and spectacular.... just a face lift! Use this board any way you please but my intention in creating it was for a new bingo board when teaching money.

How to Play:
Either hold up or call out a coin or value for your munchkins to find on the board. For example, you could call out "Quarter" and they could put a marker on the front of the quarter, the back of the quarter, or the value of 25¢. Hopefully this game will help my kiddos to be more fluent in recognizing coins and their values.

1 Way to Prep:
 Sometimes its all in the packaging!
-Buy a large purse or knapsack (shout out to GoodWill!)
-Laminate several bingo cards
-Buy several wallets or coin purses
-Put plastic coins in all of the coin purses to be used as markers
-Put boards and coin purses with coins into the large knapsack


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