Sunday, January 30, 2011

Estimation Book

Each day my kiddos had to practice a different strategy to help with their estimation skills. I decided to create a book to keep track of their estimating.

One Way to Use it:
- Have children record their guesses on a sticky and put it on a big poster board shaped jar
- Then review the correct answer
- In their books they record the correct answer in the form of pictures and words
- Each day they progressively have to write more words
- If it is a number that is over 50 for their guess they are allowed to just draw dots so they will fit


Anza said...

This is fantastic. Do you have a specific math program you use? We do not have a set program and I am always on the lookout for new ways to teach things. What size jar do you use? How long do you spend on the content and the activity itself? Thanks for the help and thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

Glad you like it Anza! We very loosely use Investigations at my school however I have more fun creating my own lessons. We do estimation all year long, but my team and I decided we needed to have a more guided week of strategies to help their estimation skills. I used a small pickle-sized jar for all these activities, but during the year we try all different sized containers so they learn that looks can be deceiving!

Anza said...

Thanks Shannon. I can't wait to share with my team. I am so glad I hopped on to PT today and saw your post. You have created some fabalous stuff and my students are sure going to benefit!

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