Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pop goes the...groundhog?

Not really content related but just turned Groundhog's day into a math activity. Use this 10 frame game however you would normally for your class, it's just cuter!

Ways to play:
-With a partner taking turns filling in the groundhog hole ten frame using the groundhog markers
-Rolling a single dye and filling in the board and then having to tell how many are empty
-Rolling two dice, filling in the board, if it equals ten then they get to collect a shadow.
-MANY other ways to use which I am sure creative cookies like yourselves out there can school me on ;)

Ways to Package
-Laminate EVERYTHING (my fantastic T.A.= blessing )
-Either in a gallon ziplock bag or large manilla envelope, with the game title adhered to the front


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