Sunday, January 30, 2011

Give me 5!

Another money game but this time to help grasp the concept of exchanging for an equal value (pennies to nickels).

One way to play:
  Have 2 students playing each with their own board. Students take turns rolling a dye and filling in that many pennies. If one of the rows fills up they are to exchange those 5 pennies for a nickel. To do this they push all 5 pennies onto the nickel, cash them in, and place the nickel on the piggy bank. The player who reaches 20¢ first, wins!

One way to store:
   See if you can get your hands on a bank bag, you know those zippered ones that companies use to do drops? Adhere the title of the game on the outside, print the game board at half size (so 2 will fit to a page, then cut), laminate them, and put them in the bank bag. Don't forget to put plenty of (plastic) pennies and nickels in with the boards!


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