Monday, January 31, 2011

Counting coins... not cards ya'll!

 The first download is going to be for the majority of your kiddos.... they skip count according to the coin. The second download is for your advanced kiddos who can skip count BACKWARDS from 100.


One Way to Use:

  Feel free to have the children first place plastic coins on top of the pictures (to practice coin recognition) and then they go through and count all the pennies first. Once they have counted them they write the number in the bubble that goes with that coin. Then move in one layer to the nickels... skip count... write.... move to dimes... skip count... write... you get it!

  The second download has the children doing the same thing but BACKWARDS from 100. So for the pennies they cross of the pennies as they count 100...99..98..97...96... etc.


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