Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't spill the beans!

 This game is in many different math curriculums so I'm sure there is nothing new or brain-science-ish here haha.


How to Play
- Give child a cup of two-colored beans or chips (number is decided by what level they are ready to work with 10, 15, or 20)
- They shake and flip out the chips, count the red ones and count the yellow ones
- If you laminated the recording sheets they can color on top of the beans to record how many of each they had
-Then they write the number sentence with vis-a-vis as well
-Wipe off and play again... if you didn't laminate be prepared to copy A LOT of these papers because the kiddos eat it right up!

One Way to Package:
-Get a box of rice, use the first page of this down load to help cover one side of the box
- Use the recording sheet to cover the other side of the box
- Place the chips or beans inside the box with a whiteboard marker as well
- The box act as the cup, a place to do the recording, AND the storage all in one... LOVE it!


emuhle said...

This is a fantastic game! Thank you for sharing!

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