Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dr. Seuss

His birthday isn't that far off ya'll. I made a game that incorporates math and language arts into one! Although the number recognition of 1-9 will be a little too easy for your kiddos, the rhyming part makes it a little more fun.


 How you play: pull out a picture card, read it, and try to match the number word it matches with. For example: shoe would go on top of the 2 on the game goard.

 One way to "package" it
-Use a red file folder
-Attach the title of the game to the front of the file folder
-Adhere the number board inside on the right (the laminate)
-Attach a ziplock baggie or library card envelop inside on the left
-Place the rhyming picture cards in the baggie/enveloped (after you laminate them of course)


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