Thursday, February 24, 2011

AbraHAT Lincoln

 A co-worker of mine showed me this super cute hat that I am sure is out and about on the internet, but just wanted to share it here. I made a two pieces that go on the hat so ya'll can download it at the bottom.

Take a look to see this adorable Abraham Lincoln hat... oh yah and their adorable silly faces!

What you'll need:

  *One sheet of black construction paper (per kid)
       -cut a strip about 2" length wise for the horizontal piece of hat
       -the other portion is the height to the hat
  *A circle of black paper with an inner circle cut out
        -the black circle ends up being a beard (the circle doesn't need to be that big as you can tell by my mistake looking at the picture
    * Paper reproducible penny
    * Paper reproducible words for the brim

Here are all the pieces laid out on my floor

 - Have students glue all the pieces together
-  They color the penny brown
- Glue "Abraham Lincoln is on the penny" to the brim

 To attach turn this into a wearable hat, attach a sentence strip to the back and staple it closed around the back of their heads! Enjoy!


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