Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dr. Seuss Sleep Book

Each day of the week for Dr. Seuss' birthday we will be dressing up a little different. On Wednesday we'll be reading The Sleep Book and wearing our P.J.'s! I was perusing the internet to find some fun things to do when I came across this neat activity by Melissa Bough ( where students mix two animal names together and their sleeping habits! I decided to make a writing paper to go along with the silliness!

So in box one the pick an animal and label it, then pick a different animal for the second box. Teach the children how to blend two names together for the third box and if you think your munchkins can even combine their sleeping habits... do it! For example:
Animal 1 - Cat
Animal 2 - Bird
New Animal: "Cird" and I might draw a bird with a cat's tail all curled up in a nest sitting on top of a couch


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