Sunday, February 6, 2011

Black History Month - George Crum

Can you tell I'm thinking a lot about food today with my activities I am posting?!?

  It's fun to teach your class about tangible things to get them first exposed to what Black History is. By this point in the year they have been exposed to some pretty complex notions about African Americans (Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and the significance of the colors for Kwanzaa). So for Black History month I like to pick fun inventors that they can be thankful towards their contribution but also be able to wrap their head around what would it be like if we didn't have these items..... because I mean a world with out potato chips.... what would Super Bowl Sunday be?!?! (Go STEELERS)

 One Way to Use:
- after discussing who George Crum was and how he invented potato chips (read up on this because its a fun story), then present this activity to your class
- get a bag of chips, give each child a few (there are plenty of healthy versions out there so it doesn't have to be a bad activity)
- as they eat a chip, they have to write a sight word on one of the chips from the paper.
- granted sight words and Mr. Crum are not really related, but our schedule is pressed for time to fit in content and everything else... double whammy people!


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