Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ms. Megan wants to Measure!

 I have received some really nice and encouraging emails from you all! I love making resources and sharing, so the fact that ya'll are enjoying them makes it double awesome :) I got an email from a teacher named Megan asking if I could make a game dealing with measuring (in inches)... so I pondered for a minute.... then 2 minutes... and when creativity fails I think of real life applications. Recently I had to try to find a crate to carry my cat and VIOLA, measurement came in to play. I figured more kiddos could relate to cute puppy dogs rather than me being a crazy cat lady, so Crate Time Measurement is born:

-Cut and glue the dog  houses / crates on the inside of a file folder
- Laminate the folder
- Cut and laminate each of the puppies
- Place a ruler with the game
- Introduce the game in an exciting way, feel free to name the puppy dogs, and even try to make the lesson tangible with a small crate and stuffed animal. All dogs are meant to be measured horizontally.


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