Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Fish Two Fish... Part two!

Another activity you could use as a follow up to reading the classic Dr. Seuss story....

 You'll need the following resource and rainbow goldfish. In the first section of the fish they put one fish (they are to read the words), then two fish in the next section, a red fish in the third section, and in the last section.... oh wait there are not blue goldfish! They pick a different color, write it on the line in the last section of the fish, and then place it in there. The last part of the activity is to count all the fish up, write the number, and of course then eat them! You could use the counting of the fish as a time to write an addition sentence if you are using this with older kids or more advanced children. I say this because we haven't gotten to addition yet in our curriculum.

Download One Fish Two Fish Goldfish


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