Monday, February 28, 2011

... a quick entry to share....

Oh jeez ya'll... my kids are hilarious! I posted on here a couple days ago a writing activity to follow up The Cat in the Hat (see it here) so I thought I'd share some of the highlights my kids wrote about. The prompt was for them to write about what they would do if the Things came to their house...

"I would get out of the house and think of a plan to get them out of the house" followed by some sort of song lyrics including "bout it bout"??? haha

"I would ask my sister if I could play her cello and make the Things fall asleep. Then when they fell asleep I'd call the police and they would be in jail"

"I would get my dog Sam to scare them and if they weren't scared I'd shoot them with my nurf darts" (hmmm perhaps a tad too violent there buddy)

"I would play with them" .... not that original when you read it but consider this... he is my ONLY student who didn't say he would kick the Things out of his house!


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