Sunday, February 6, 2011

Black History Month - Willis Johnson

  Scrambled eggs never tasted so good Mr. Johnson! In case you aren't in the know about this wonderful, wonderful man... he invented the egg beater... yum! Okay, so yes I engage my children through food sometimes. :)

One Way to use:
-read up on Mr. Johnson, introduce him to your class, and then show a real life egg beater
-depending on how much time you have for this activity, have children each crack an egg, and then pass the bowl around the room with them trying to beat the eggs with a spoon.... then go around with an egg beater. Discuss how much easier inventions can make tasks
-go dust off that bunsen burner and scramble up some eggs!
-as the children are enjoying a small, healthy snack, have them work on this resource: it involves mixing up the letters of a sight words to make silly nonsense words (always a hit with young children)


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