Friday, February 18, 2011

Little fish NOT in the big pond...

I have survived my illness and very busy week... I apologize to anyone who actually reads my blog daily (maybe 2 people? hah)... anyways here is something new for ya'll! A request on proteacher asked if I would make a game practicing the skill of picking the bigger number from a set of numbers, so here is what popped into my head.

One Way to Use:

-Laminate the two work mats (little pond and big pond)
-Cut and laminate the 20 fish
-Show children how to reach in a bag with the fish in it and pull out two fish
-The student should then read the two numbers, figure out which is the bigger number and which is the smaller number
-Explain that only big (number) fish can go in the big pond and only small (number) fish can go in the small pond.... or else they might get eaten up in the big pond!
-The cool thing about this game is you never know which two numbers they will draw out... could be something easy like 7 and 31 or something tricky like 12 and 21 (yes reversals are tricky in Kindergarten)
-I picked numbers from 1 to 39 on these fish



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