Friday, February 4, 2011

One of my favorites...

I love when 100th day of school year comes around! We practice all sorts of games that involve grouping and skip counting. This resource is for your kiddos working on one to one correspondence as well as skip counting by 10's.

One Way to Use:
- Have a bin of unifix cubes out, you'll need 100 cubes for each child doing this activity or put munchkins in partners to share.
- Explain to your group that they are in charge of building a new city (to make it fun I let them name the city... I got a lot of "Lego City" and "Princess City" this year). Also explain to them that their buildings for this city can NOT be bigger than 10 floors.
- Model for them how to count out 10 unifix cubes, snap them together, and stand the "building" up on a numbered square. After they have built their whole city (10 buildings of 10), have them skip count to see how many unifix cubes it took.
- Warning, the buildings fall down alot, but that can be part of the fun by just saying to them "oh no a crane knock that one over, get it back up quick!".

Download City of 100


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