Monday, February 28, 2011

Tiger... Toes... Tickets... Tick...

I know you all know what I am talking about... you have a student who looks at the first letter and just guesses what it is and moves on. For example:

 "I window tiger elephant pick" aka "I want to eat pizza"

 This is just another resource to try to get children to break a word down, sound it out, and find the corresponding picture. Each page is for a different medial vowel and the last page is mixed vowel review.





Kristin Young said...

Shannon, thanks for sharing! I definitely have kids who just look at the first letter and guess the word. I'll be sending these home for additional practice. Thanks! :)

Shannon said...

Kristin- Capital A - dore your blog... I wear heels every day to work and am constantly told how crazy that is... and I am going to be doing that tooth fairy activity when we do subtraction... adorable!

Amber said...

Thanks for sharing your hard work! A quick question for you since I'm a preschool teacher and soon to be a homeschooling mom and still trying to get my thoughts around what seems to work best with teaching children how to read. I like the idea behind these sheets because I too have come across children who just guess after the first letter but one thing I noticed is that you used a capital letter to start the CVC words. Can you help educate me with why you created it in this way, instead of all lowercase? Thanks!

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