Saturday, February 5, 2011

Achy breaky hearts

This is just a fun math game to give students practice at reading double and triple digit numbers. Obviously the triple digit number hearts are for your kiddos who can already read numbers 1-100 easily and fluently.

One Way to Use:
-laminate each heart cut in half, not put together
-for the double digit numbers you'll have half hearts from 1-9 on the left and half hearts from 0-9 on the right
-for the triple digit numbers you'll have left hand half hearts from 1-9 and right hand half hearts with varying double digit numbers
-When teaching children to read the triple digit numbers have them hold a left hand heart and say that digit plus hundred (i.e. heart with a 3, say 3 hundred, and then pull a 2nd heart)

  Download Achy Breaky Hearts


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