Sunday, February 6, 2011

Black History Month - Garrett Morgan

The traffic light.... sometimes I love you Mr. Morgan.... sometimes I curse you (aka alllll red lights on the way to work).... just kidding! This activity is one way to introduce famous Black Inventors to your class.

One Way to Use:
-After discussing who this is, what contribution he made, etc, then begin the writing exercise at the top
-The children are to phonetically sound out the words "traffic light".
-Then whip out the water colors! Children are to water color (or finger paint if you prefer) the three colors of the traffic light).
-When you are finished you could play red light, green light... or there are many tasty recipes out there to make an edible traffic light. Think graham crackers, icing, and M&M's.... oh wait... my wedding diet... okay strawberries, kiwi, and bananas haha.


color me said...

Thanks. Perfect for my special ed kindergarten class.

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