Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nightmare! 100 students?!?!

  My students really enjoy entertaining the idea of "what if we had 100 students in our class"... well this year I decided to make that a "reality"... as far as math time time was concerned. Between my Promethean Board and this print off (below) we had a blast "not losing kids"

One Way to Use: I prefaced the activity by setting the stage in an exciting way. I told them they were all going to be a substitute teacher for the day (I even called them by Mr. and Mrs. and their last names... they ate it right up). I also told them that one of the things you have to do as a substitute is make sure you keep track of all of the students and you don't lose anyone. I then brought up the picture of 100 children on my Prom Board. We counted by 1's first and I made it take foreverrrrrrrr... I took breaks, I lost count, I started over, etc. haha

 Then we brainstormed ways to count faster and they eventually thought up putting kids in groups of 10s. So I modeled how to count 10 kids and then circle them. We figured out we could skip count by 10's when we had all of our groups. You could change it up a bit and have your high kids do groups of 5. I printed off the picture for them all and they had to go to their seat and circle groups of kids and show me their skip counting. Hilarious activity "Ms. G... I lost a group of students, I only have 90!!" hahaha


Paige said...

What an awesome idea! Love it!

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