Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the BIG TIME!

I find myself disheartened by some of the units I have to teach in math for Kindergarten. I mean... really.... fractions, money, time, subtraction... in Kindergarten? I'd rather focus my whole year on numeracy and deeper understanding of numbers! So here is my trick....

   for my sweet-n-lows I teach them the basic SOLs for my example, time, I teach them to read a clock to the hour... but I'm not diving into showing them how to read by the half hours or counting by 5's for the other numbers. Instead I create games like below. They are "theme related" but focus on numeracy.

  There are three levels for this game, but all three involve finding the bigger number. The first page has numbers 1 to 12, the next page is from 13-30, and the last page is any number from 10 to 99. But they are all on watches so it's almost like you are still working on time! Don't get me wrong, I teach the non-numeracy SOLs, I just don't go crazy past the basics for my kids who need more work on counting and number manipulation.


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