Monday, February 21, 2011

Magnet Sight Words

 So I found myself today trying to find a fun yet structured way for my kids to use magnet letters to form sight words. I want to give them a week off of doing their regular spelling lists as well as introduce them to a new word work tool... magnets! Oh magical magnets... whatever engages children is magical... food, puppets, laptops, silly voices for characters... you get my drift.

  A fellow blogger made a neat worksheet that involved beginner letter sound pictures and sight words together, so I adapted it to make these mats. How I envision using them is printing them, laminating them, and having students pick a mat to place on a cookie sheet. Then they will find magnets that correspond with the beginner letter sounds for each picture and build sight words. I have only made 12 mats so far, but if all goes well, I'll post more of these another day! Feel free to leave comments about which words I should make next :)



stephaniekelly03 said...

What a great activity! Thanks for sharing! I am going to use these at a literacy station.


Shannon said...

:) WooO! Let me know if there are some other words you'd like added

Mrs.Capps said...

Love this! Just a thought...would it be easier to make one sheet of all of the picture squares, cut them out individually and place magnets on the back of each. Then, have them just stick the magnetic picture squares to a cookie sheet and put the magnetic letter next to it.

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