Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Money Mats

 Today I was about to have my kiddos do some sorting in small groups with coins when it struck me.... we are JUST starting money... they need some structure! So I whipped these mats up really quick!

1) Sorting based on coin value... for your students who have some or all coin rec and ready to connect it to a value when sorting

2) Picture sorting... okay this may be odd for ya'll but this is how I get my sweet'n'lows to recognize coins. They memorize that pennies are brown, nickels have ponytails (not braids like quarter), dimes have torches, and quarters are the biggest. So that is how this mat is set up

3) The last page is a visual to have on hand for your students while they are sorting

Download Money Mats


Kari said...

My kindergarteners always have trouble telling the silver coins apart. I never thought of pointing out small details such as the ponytail and braid. Thank you for sharing!!!

Kenzie Manetz said...

How can I download these? They are great!

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